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Astronomers Detect Extreme Flare from Proxima Centauri 2021-04-21 18:34:59Using the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Tel

Tyrannosaurus rex Walked Slower than Previously Thought 2021-04-21 16:36:03Animals display a variety of gaits and walking speeds. It is commonly assumed that they minimize locomotor energy expenditure by selecting gait kinema

Murchison Widefield Array Discovers Its First Pulsar 2021-04-21 15:18:30Astronomers using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), a low-frequency radio telescope in Australia, have discovered a new long-period, low-luminosity

Tyrannosaurs Lived in Groups, New Evidence Suggests 2021-04-21 14:24:08Tyrannosaurs — theropod dinosaurs that lived in what is now North America and Asia between 100 and 66 million years ago (Cretaceous period) &mda

Lack of Sleep in Midlife Associated with Increased 2021-04-21 11:49:23Short sleep duration in midlife is associated with the higher risk of dementia later in life, independently of sociodemographic, behavioral, cardiomet

Astronomers Directly Image Giant Planet around Young Sun-Like 2021-04-20 18:01:35Astronomers using the Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research (SPHERE) instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope have discovered an

Rare Wild Coffee Species Has Arabica-Like Flavor, Greater 2021-04-20 15:55:11The enigmatic narrow-leaved coffee (Coffea stenophylla), a rare and little-known species of wild coffee from West Africa, has a similar flavor profile

Genome-Wide Data from Stone Age Bears Recovered from 2021-04-20 14:40:15Scientists have reconstructed the genomes of the extinct giant short-faced bear (Arctodus simus) and the American black bear (Ursus americanus) using

Archaeologists Find 3,450-Year-Old Alphabetic Inscription in Israel 2021-04-20 13:09:08A team of archaeologists from the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology has discov

New Barium Sulfate-Based Paint is Whitest Yet 2021-04-20 11:32:33The new barium sulfate- (BaSO4) acrylic paint has a solar reflectance of 98.1%, according to a paper published online in the journal ACS Applied Mater

Scientists Sequence Genome of Extinct Steller’s Sea Cow 2021-04-19 15:15:14A multinational team of researchers has successfully sequenced and analyzed the genome of the Steller’s sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas). Their resu

Martian Climate Fluctuated between Drier and Wetter Periods 2021-04-19 13:49:02Mars had drier and wetter eras before drying up completely in the Hesperian period, about 3 billion years ago, according to an analysis of observation

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How AI Accidentally Learned Ecology by Playing StarCraft 2021-04-14 19:00:00A video game about battling aliens could help ecologists study life on Earth.

Pollinators Are in Trouble. Here's How Transforming Your 2021-04-14 17:00:00Biologists are recruiting everyday gardeners to save pollinators, with a little help from a smartphone app.

Could Carbon Capture Technology Help the U.S. Meet 2021-04-14 15:00:00The tech for capturing carbon dioxide is old. But it requires political will and money to implement these methods to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

In a World of Endless Choices, Why Is 2021-04-14 12:18:00Decision-making uses mental energy that eventually runs out. The more decisions you make, the more depleted you become. While decision fatigue impacts

Who Are the Fastest Animals in the World 2021-04-14 10:35:00The secret is all in the muscles. But if that’s true, why can’t the biggest, strong animals run the fastest? 

How Close Are We to a Cure for 2021-04-13 16:30:00Promising new research may soon help treat, and one day cure, the chronic disease.

Can We All Agree That the False Consensus 2021-04-13 15:30:00How many people share your opinions and beliefs? Maybe not as many as you think.

Yes, Skies Sometimes Really Turn Green Before Tornadoes 2021-04-13 13:20:00But not always — so make sure you're relying on official warnings about potential twisters

How to Start Birdwatching in Your City 2021-04-13 09:10:00As the pandemic stretches on, there's renewed interest in connecting with nature. Experts share advice on finding some feathered friends.

Best Fat Burner For Women: Complete Buyer’s Guide 2021-04-13 01:00:00

How Do Scientists Build the Best Diet for 2021-04-12 15:15:00For healthy and happy space travelers, food scientists must make meals compact, nutritious and long-lasting.

More and Larger Explosions Rock St. Vincent as 2021-04-12 10:55:00The explosive eruption that started last week at La Soufriere is only getting worse, sending ash and debris near and far

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Biden, Calling for Action, Commits U.S. to Halving New! 2021-04-22 20:21:16Addressing leaders at a virtual summit meeting he convened, the president cast the fight against global warming as an economic opportunity for the wor

Biden Wants to Slash Emissions. Success Would Mean New! 2021-04-22 20:02:22Hitting the targets could require a rapid shift to electric vehicles, the expansion of forests nationwide, development of complex new carbon-capture t

NASA's Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Completes Second Flight New! 2021-04-22 19:04:38The experimental vehicle named Ingenuity flew higher and longer in its second flight on Mars.

It’s Dinner Time on the Space Station. Lobster New! 2021-04-22 17:45:06Earth’s gastronomical delights are being adapted to life in orbit.

Coal Is Set to Roar Back, and So New! 2021-04-22 17:44:03To slow down climate change, new coal projects need to end. A global forecast this week shows demand rising sharply.

Thomas Brock, Whose Discovery Paved the Way for New! 2021-04-22 16:29:42In 1966, he found heat-resistant bacteria in a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park. That led to the development of the chemical process behind the

Amid Biden Climate Push, a Question Looms: Is New! 2021-04-22 15:39:38After four years of “America First,” the president tries this week to reclaim U.S. leadership in the fight against climate change. Can the

What Do Women Want? For Men to Get New! 2021-04-22 13:33:40As the Biden administration seeks to get most adults vaccinated by summer, men are holding back.

The Science of Climate Change Explained: Facts, Evidence New! 2021-04-22 13:32:20Definitive answers to the big questions.

Watch Video of NASA Mars Helicopter Ingenuity's First New! 2021-04-22 12:05:29The brief test of the experimental vehicle called Ingenuity shows how explorers can study the red planet from the sky as well as the ground.

Britain, Norway and the United States Announce a New! 2021-04-22 10:42:27The effort seeks to rally more than $1 billion for countries that can show they are lowering emissions by protecting tropical forests

Climate Change Could Cut World Economy by $23 New! 2021-04-22 10:10:13Poor nations would be particularly hard hit, but few would escape, Swiss Re said. The findings could influence how the industry prices insurance and i

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Lithium treats intellectual defects in mouse model of New! 2021-04-22 18:19:07Mice with symptoms that mimic Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) have difficulty with learning and generating new neurons in the hippocampus. However, accord

Ancient Indigenous forest gardens promote a healthy ecosystem New! 2021-04-22 18:19:02A new study by historical ecologists finds that Indigenous-managed forests -- cared for as 'forest gardens' -- contain more biologically and functio

Pregnant women with COVID-19 face high mortality rate New! 2021-04-22 18:18:56In a worldwide study of 2,100 pregnant women, those who contracted COVID-19 during pregnancy were 20 times more likely to die than those who did not c

Mars has right ingredients for present-day microbial life New! 2021-04-22 15:04:13New research suggests that rocks in the Martian crust could produce the same kind of chemical energy that supports microbial life deep beneath Earth'

Ground and satellite observations map building damage after New! 2021-04-22 12:36:49Days after the 4 August 2020 massive explosion at the port of Beirut in Lebanon, researchers were on the ground mapping the impacts of the explosion i

The science of spin: Asteroseismologists confirm older stars New! 2021-04-22 12:36:46Stars spin faster than expected as they age according to a new study which uses asteroseismology to shed new light on this emerging theory.

Study of 'breakthrough' cases suggests COVID testing may New! 2021-04-22 12:36:31Two new cases helped scientists confirm what many have come to suspect: that people can get infected by SARS-CoV-2 variants even after successful vacc

How we know whether and when to pay New! 2021-04-22 12:36:28International team of researchers identifies cognitive computations underlying human predictive behavior.

Using exoplanets as dark matter detectors New! 2021-04-22 12:36:20In the continuing search for dark matter in our universe, scientists believe they have found a unique and powerful detector: exoplanets. Astrophysicis

Fighting harmful bacteria with nanoparticles New! 2021-04-22 12:36:16Multi-resistant pathogens are a serious and increasing problem in today's medicine. Where antibiotics are ineffective, these bacteria can cause life-

California's wildfire season has lengthened, and its peak New! 2021-04-22 12:36:11Researchers have analyzed CALFIRE wildfire statistics from 2000 to 2019, comparing them with data from 1920 to 1999, to learn that the annual burn sea

Among COVID-19 survivors, an increased risk of death, New! 2021-04-22 12:36:03Researchers showed that COVID-19 survivors -- including those not sick enough to be hospitalized -- have an increased risk of death in the six months

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SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk in NBA during 2020 season 2021-04-22 00:00:00What The Study Did: This cohort study examines viral dynamics and transmission of infection for NBA players, staff and vendors who had clinically reco

California's wildfire season has lengthened, and its peak 2021-04-22 00:00:00Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have analyzed CALFIRE wildfire statistics from 2000 to 2019, comparing them with data from 1920 to

Neuro-researchers find repetitive head impacts can result in 2021-04-22 00:00:00Neuroscience researchers at Mayo Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S., the Health and Technology District and Simon Fr

Firearms laws curb rates of gun violence across 2021-04-22 00:00:00States with stricter firearms laws reported lower suicide and homicide rates, according to a Rutgers study.

New therapy target for malignant melanomas in dogs 2021-04-22 00:00:00Scientists have shown that the biological molecule PD-L1 is a potential target for the treatment of metastasized oral malignant melanoma in dogs.

Uniquely sharp X-ray view 2021-04-22 00:00:00Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have succeeded for the first time in looking inside materials using the method of transient grating spe

Improving survival in pancreatic cancer 2021-04-22 00:00:00Nagoya University researchers and colleagues have uncovered a molecular pathway that enhances chemotherapy resistance in some pancreatic cancer patien

Individuals in lower-income US counties or high support 2021-04-22 00:00:00Using nearly a year of anonymous geolocation data from 15-17 million cell phone users in 3,037 United States counties, investigators have found that i

Artificial intelligence could create better outcomes for bowel 2021-04-22 00:00:00A test which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to measure proteins present in some patients with advanced bowel cancer could hold the key to more targ

Sculpting radiation beam spares lung cancer patients from 2021-04-22 00:00:00The use of a novel esophagus-sparing technique reduces the rate of severe inflammation of the esophagus in patients with localized lung cancer receivi

Freeze! Executioner protein caught in the act 2021-04-22 00:00:00A new molecular 'freeze frame' technique has allowed WEHI researchers to see key steps in how the protein MLKL kills cells.

Fighting harmful bacteria with nanoparticles 2021-04-22 00:00:00Multi-resistant pathogens are a serious and increasing problem in today's medicine. Where antibiotics are ineffective, these bacteria can cause life-

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