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Palestinian Hackers Tricked Victims to Install iOS Spyware 2021-04-21 16:39:59The groups used social engineering techniques on Facebook to direct targets to a wide range of malware, including custom tools.

Europe's Proposed Limits on AI Would Have Global 2021-04-21 14:29:44The EU released draft laws that would regulate facial recognition and uses of algorithms. If it passes, the policy will impact companies in the US and

A Clubhouse Bug Let People Lurk in Rooms 2021-04-21 13:00:00The vulnerabilities opened the door to “ghosts” hiding in and disrupting rooms, where moderators would be unable to mute them.

Time Travel in Video Games Isn’t Really Cheating 2021-04-21 09:00:00Games like Animal Crossing and Cozy Grove are meant to be played every day, but who’s got that kind of time?

Our Favorite Products Made of Upcycled and Recycled 2021-04-21 09:00:00Tread lightly on the planet with shoes made out of repurposed plastic, and many other Earth-friendly picks.

Help! How Do I Plan a Virtual Work 2021-04-21 08:00:00Online office events are never going to be a blast. But Megan has a few ideas for how to make them suck less.

A Linguistic Guide to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla 2021-04-21 08:00:00Ubisoft consulted with native Welsh speakers, 13th-century Icelandic texts, and Gaelic scholars to create the game's lingua-scape.

Can an App Help Change Your Personality? 2021-04-21 07:00:00Want to be more sociable or less of a doormat? There's an (experimental) app for that.

Don't Underestimate the Challenge of Building a PC 2021-04-21 07:00:00Building your own computer isn't exactly “adult Lego,” but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing. You just need to know what you're i

Need an Angel Investor? Just Open Up Clubhouse 2021-04-21 07:00:00Consider it like 'Shark Tank' on your phone: Every week on Angelhouse, founders make a pitch to a panel of investors as hundreds of people listen in

AirTags Are the Perfectly Boring, Functional Future of 2021-04-21 07:00:00Apple’s new location-aware widgets point to the company’s possible larger ambitions for augmented reality.

Apple Stuffs the iPad Pro With a New 2021-04-20 15:05:00The new high-end tablet uses Mini-LED display technology, supports Thunderbolt, and has the powerful new Mac processor.

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Soapbottle 2021-04-19 13:00:00SOAPBOTTLE is an elegant, waste-free product that does two things – it eliminates those pesky throwaway plastic bottles while giving you extra s

Sonnet155 2021-04-16 13:00:00Sonnet155 is entirely made from biodegradable materials to ensure that each bag can break down into water or soil. Hehemeyer-Cürten and Beckfeld

Icebloc 2021-04-15 07:00:00Icebloc is a new eco-friendly alternative to straws, that stops ice and bits in your drink hitting your lips and teeth. Made of plants, re-usable, eas

Piestro 2021-04-14 13:00:00Called the Piestro (a portmanteau of Pie and Maestro), this machine allows you to order artisanal pizzas with a few button-taps. Choose your toppings

The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle 2021-04-13 13:00:00“The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle, a first of its kind, is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Its open-source design adheres to FDA regulatio

NIX 2021-04-12 13:00:00NIX is a miniature washing machine specifically built to clean, dry, and sanitize our undergarments, like underwear, undershirts, and socks, using les

Home Garden 2021-04-09 13:00:00We have all killed a plant or two let’s just admit it. Gardening isn’t for everyone but it is sure nice to have fresh herbs to add to your

The IOON 2021-04-08 13:00:00When electrolyzed or ionized, water breaks down into a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, which acts as a remarkable detergent and di

Carnerie 2021-04-07 13:00:00Carnerie is a ‘grow your own meat’ device for around twenty years in the future. It is controlled by an app, whereby the user is able to o

Casamera – Bath Towel Reimagined 2021-04-06 13:00:00Casamera claims that there are 7 key features to making a great towel. Its absorbency, weight, texture, size, odor-resistance, ability to dry out, and

The ARENA 2021-04-05 13:00:00The ARENA creates a workout system that can be used across over 300 movement types and in tandem with multiple styles from strength training to cardio

E-Sports Trainer 2021-04-02 13:00:00The patented Electronic Sports Band is an ergonomically designed and easy to use sports training aid designed to help users develop the muscle memory

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Deleting double-talk: researchers advance echo cancellation technology 2021-04-07 15:49:18Have you ever heard your own voice talk back to you on the phone? It's a nuisance, which is why people developed filters that adapt to the sound in a

POINTER: Seeing through walls to help locate firefighters 2021-04-07 07:43:56A unique positioning technology is being developed to pinpoint firefighters inside buildings where other positioning technologies fail.

Will.i.am is launching a high-tech Xupermask in partnership 2021-04-06 16:19:53Will.i.am is no stranger to technology, having invested in companies such as Tesla and Beats Electronics. His next venture is focused on revamped the

New 3D microbatteries stand up to industry standard 2021-04-06 09:01:41The thin-film lithium-ion batteries used in microdevices such as portable and medical electronics may supply a good amount of power relative to their

A new version of Siri could base speech 2021-04-05 14:52:14Apple has announced research into orienting Siri to recognize user speech patterns. This type of awareness could help inform Siri whether to respond t

Apple patents force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices 2021-04-03 06:20:30Apple's MacBook team has announced the development of a force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices, recently approved by the United State

Artificial intelligence for reducing food waste 2021-04-01 10:10:01In Germany, around 12 million tons of food end up in the trash every year. Over 30 percent of that is already destroyed in the production process. In

Economical wireless communication with more efficient intelligent sensors 2021-04-01 10:07:54In today's world, more and more devices are being wirelessly connected to one another with the aid of intelligent sensors. As this Internet of Things

New water vapor condenser takes cues from darkling 2021-04-01 09:31:45Access to clean water is a huge issue across the globe. Even in areas with water resources, a lack of infrastructure or reliable energy means purifyin

Roboreptile climbs like a real lizard 2021-03-31 08:48:28While a Mars rover can explore where no person has gone before, a smaller robot at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia could climb to ne

Efficiently combating production loss and disruption in automated 2021-03-30 11:03:07As connectivity increases in production processes, so does their complexity. Data analysis expertise is required for predicting equipment outages in g

Novel disaster communication system empowers communities and can 2021-03-30 10:57:08Even a low phone battery can mean the difference between life and death during disasters. With the help of TU Delft researcher Indushree Banerjee, the

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Keywords Studios snaps up another game developer New! 2021-04-22 10:02:27The Dublin-based company has acquired UK-based Climax Studios to further strengthen its share in the video game market. The post Keywords Studios snap

Irish universities among the world’s ‘best for sustainability’ New! 2021-04-22 09:22:12University College Cork came eighth overall in this year’s Impact Rankings of sustainable universities. The post Irish universities among the wo

Four researchers in Ireland win grants from €500m New! 2021-04-22 06:50:18The European Research Council awarded grants to more than 200 researchers across Europe as part of its 2020 Advanced Grants competition. The post Four

EU reaches ‘landmark’ deal to reduce carbon emissions New! 2021-04-22 05:34:41The EU’s climate deal comes just ahead of Earth Day today, when US president Joe Biden will commence a virtual climate summit with 40 world lead

UiPath goes public in one of the biggest New! 2021-04-22 05:20:08The robotic process automation company raised $1.3bn after boosting its IPO price range. The post UiPath goes public in one of the biggest US software

Milestones on Mars: NASA rover generates oxygen for New! 2021-04-22 05:18:41NASA has reported two historic firsts on Mars this week, with the Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight and the Perseverance rover successfully ge

80 new jobs at Shannon Technical Services by 2021-04-22 03:59:41The Irish-owned aviation company will create 80 new jobs across operations, commercial, administration and aviation technical services. The post 80 ne

Welltel snaps up contact centre comms specialist in 2021-04-22 03:48:44The Dublin-headquartered company is acquiring Capstone as part of its ‘buy-and-build’ strategy for growth. The post Welltel snaps up conta

29 projects awarded €95m in funding for disruptive 2021-04-22 03:28:31The Government has awarded funding to groundbreaking projects in areas such as life sciences, medical devices, AI and manufacturing. The post 29 proje

6 companies using IoT to make the world 2021-04-22 03:00:27From retrofitting outdoor lighting to agritech monitoring tools, these companies are employing IoT solutions to make the world more sustainable. The p

Instagram reveals tool for filtering abusive DMs 2021-04-21 11:14:13The filter detects abusive and offensive words and phrases in unwanted messages from people that a user does not follow. The post Instagram reveals t

What it’s like to do a PhD internship 2021-04-21 10:05:43We learn more about the PhD internship programme hosted by Mastercard’s Dublin Tech Hub and ML-Labs from some of its key collaborators. The post

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